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The 5 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Futon Mattress Online

If you are considering purchasing a futon mattress, you may want to read the next few paragraphs, to avoid making the mistake that hundreds of people make when shopping for what they believe is a good quality product. We've been in the futon business for over 11 years, and have sold almost every brand made in the USA in our retail stores. Remember, that if you buy a futon mattress online, it is probably being drop-shipped from a vendor, and if the retailer you are buying from does not have "in the trenches" experience with this kind of product, hands-on with the mattress you are buying, chances are they"ve never even seen one in person, and probably know little more than you do about what you are buying.

Mistake #1: Buying The Cheapest Mattress You Can Find On The Internet

It goes without saying that you get what you pay for, but I promise you, when you are buying a futon mattress, nothing can be more truthful. If you are paying $100-200 for a futon mattress and it is advertised with free shipping, about $80-100 of what you are spending is being used for shipping costs, so the mattress you are buying has a value of about $60-80 at wholesale cost. This might buy you a very basic, promotional grade, entry level mattress with a poorer quality fill material (which could be garment fiber or a blend of some cotton and garment fiber). To get a decent mattress, which should be a foam filled futon with very little fiber or cotton content (so it does not pack down), be prepared to pay $250-350 for something that will last for years rather than weeks, and will be far, far more comfortable than the basic model. Look at the dollars you are spending over a five year period of time, which is the truthful and accurate amount of time the average person keeps and uses the same futon mattress, before they get dirty and tattered from spills and accidents. If you are spending even $500 on a really good mattress, that's only $100 per year, or about $10 per month!!

Mistake #2: Buying Unknown, "Knock-Off" Brands On E-Bay or From Small Stores That Are Not Properly Packaged For Shipping

Who you buy from will either come to haunt you or make you happy. Many people who have E-Bay stores, bulk buy promotional mattresses that may be improperly stored, may have gotten wet, and these vendors do not subscribe to State Laws governing Sanitary Bedding rules and policies. After all, you're going to be sleeping on this mattress. We've heard stories about improper packaging, using thin, Saran wrap style plastic sheeting, and mattresses showing up on doorsteps covered with grease, mold, and soaking wet. Worse, getting hold of the shipper becomes a nightmare. This is compounded by the fact that almost all vendors do not allow returns of futon mattresses because in most states, bed purchases are final. Make sure you're buying a mattress that is bagged, vacuum packaged, and properly sealed for the rough ride it will take on a common carrier freight truck. Incidentally, we bag our premium mattresses in heavy plastic, remove the air, place the bag in a heavy box, strap the box, and ship it out.

Mistake #3: Buying So-Called Deluxe or Premium Futon Mattresses With Poor Materials Used In Construction

Since very few people are foam experts, or know the difference between a good muslin cloth and a terry cloth towel, it's hard to know what spending a little bit more money on a futon mattress really gets you. Guess what, though...I can tell you. First, you want a mattress that is covered with a heavier, muslin material that resists ripping, tearing, and punctures..and stains. You want tuftings all over the place. Tuftings are the dimples across the surface of a futon mattress that are created when a nylon (we use nylon, not cotton thread) thread connects one side of the mattress through to the other side, to prevent shifting of contents. If a futon mattress is not tufted, don't buy it. A year from now, you will have a big bag of shifted contents, like a giant bean bag chair. Also, the foam used on the inside is the absolute key ingredient to the comfort of the futon...and the key to it's durability. High density foams, with good elastic quality, at least 2 lb. density foam, handstuffed, with a layer of either polyester fill to "buffer" and add a soft cush to the outer feel of the mattress is critical..and will add lifespan. Our Otis brand mattresses are bench built by hand, using all the ingredients talked about above. I have not found another company in 11 years that still completely hand makes their mattresses one by one, using top of the line ingredients.

Mistake #4: Buying A Mattress That Is Too Thin..or Advertised As One Thickness And Delivered Much Thinner

Beware the company that advertises their "Premium 8 Mattress", but amazingly, when it arrives, is only 6" thick..this is not unusual, and is typically the result of deflation. When it is made, layers of poorer quality garment fiber and cotton are "poofy" and fat, but once sandwiched in and sewn into the casing of the futon mattress, quickly expel their air, especially during shipping, and pack down, the curse of an "El Cheapo" futon mattress.

Our solution: overstuffing every mattress, pre-compressing it, so that it pushes out against the muslin casing like a fat sausage..it makes for comfort, lifespan, and durability.

Mistake #5: Not Buying A Futon Cover That Fits Properly

Hey, we're in the futon cover business, I will admit. But we're in the comfort business too. If you buy a decent futon mattress, and then put a cover on it that is either too tight, or too loose, you lose the flexibility and tactile qualities that your mattress was meant to deliver. Our recommendation: order a microfiber cover (velvet, or simulated suede, or chenille) for the absolute most luxurious result. It allows you to feel the foam through the mattress casing and futon cover, and also keeps the mattress cool in summer or winter.

Consider Our Otis Brand Futon Mattress - Bench Built By Hand To Last For Years

If you took the time to read our 5 Biggest Mistakes Article, we invite you to browse our selection of Otis Brand futon mattresses. For 11 years, I've test driven, sold, cut open, and pretty much dissected every brand of futon mattress sold in the U.S., and I've not seen anything close to the quality in the Otis Brand. Now that you are armed with a little knowledge (you probably know more now than the average sales clerk in any futon store), you can buy a better mattress with confidence. Our site offers lots of detail, be forewarned, but you'll appreciate it. Shipping is included in our prices, there is no sales tax (except in Louisiana), and we promise, you will get what you pay for. If you have comments or want to speak to the horse's mouth, email me directly at boom40er@aol.com or call at 1-800-231-1651. Thanks, Marc Anderson


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